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  1. Mezir Reply
    unexpectedly Not unexpectedly, they tended to report that the correction of linguistic slips is done mainly as they write. From Cambridge English Corpus This accessory atrioventricular connection extending across the atrioventricular node was found in an infant dying suddenly and unexpectedly.
  2. Nara Reply
    Synonyms for unexpectedly in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for unexpectedly. 12 synonyms for unexpectedly: surprisingly, remarkably, unusually, incredibly, extraordinarily, startlingly, unpredictably, jaw-droppingly, out of the blue. What are synonyms for unexpectedly?
  3. Vuzragore Reply
    Aug 19,  · Hong Kong’s unemployment rate fell in July to halt nine straight months of increases as more people returned to the workforce even as the city’s .
  4. Mikalmaran Reply
    'unexpectedly' aparece también en las siguientes entradas: In the English description: absurdly - blindside - blow in - blow into town - cast up - catch - chance on - descend on - encounter - out of nowhere - out of the blue - pull out of the hat - raid - randomly - sneak up on - sucker punch - surprise - surprisingly - to sb's surprise.
  5. Memi Reply
    We fell in love so unexpectedly The one I'm searching for Was right here all along Now I see, I see you standing right in front of me The one I'm searching for Was right here all along How did we, we fall in love so unexpectedly Just don't know Oh were we ever meant .
  6. Kajiktilar Reply
    expect the unexpected Be prepared to face unanticipated events or situations. Climbing a mountain has many dangers, so no matter how much you prepare, expect the unexpected. See also: expect, unexpected the unexpected always happens No matter what you prepare for or think will happen, it is always that which you had no way of anticipating that will end.
  7. Arashisar Reply
    Aug 14,  · China's retail sales unexpectedly fall as consumer caution prevails. China's retail sales slipped in July, dashing expectations for a modest rise, as consumers in the world's second-largest.
  8. Meztigar Reply
    Unexpected definition is - not expected: unforeseen. How to use unexpected in a sentence.

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