Stay - Calyn* - Tears (CD)

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    Classically trained violinist and songwriter Gaelynn Lea has been bewitching scores of fans with her haunting original songs and experimental takes on traditional fiddle music; her approach incorporates live looping, thoughtful lyrics and sonic exploration. Gaelynn has released three full-length solo albums to date and has recorded several E.P.'s over the years.
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    This musical experience naturally occurred during my travels in while feeling the call to "stretch" and extent already existing songs, improvising with the intensity of sound as well as "letting the strings tell stories.
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    Jan 25,  · 78 votes, comments. m members in the AskReddit community. r/AskReddit is the place to ask and answer thought-provoking questions.
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    Dec 09,  · CD's are more vulnerable to bright light than other formats. The silver layer within the disc will decay, rendering the disc useless. The most likely visible damage will be the small holes when you hold the disc up in the light. In extreme cases, the whole silver layer will flake away from the disc. The damage caused by light is irreversible.
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    Jan 21,  · Calyn Hoad, from Brisbane, saved the life of his five-year-old little brother, Kya, after he pushed him out of the way of a four-wheel-drive travelling at 60km/h.
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    Aug 16,  · Rumer, "Nashville Tears" (Cooking Vinyl) The combination of Rumer's crystalline voice and Hugh Prestwood's songs results in some breathtaking, deeply moving music on "Nashville Tears," the Pakistan-born, British singer's interpretation of the Texas-born, New York-based songwriter's catalog. Prestwood tunes like "Hard Rock Bottom of Your Heart" and "The .
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    Jun 19,  · CD-RW = crap, doesn’t hold data long at all and degrades quickly. Just my personal experience. I think CD-R’s that are kept in good condition, stored properly and are handled properly when using them would probably last forever. Single write CD/DVD’s, especially with data intended to be read on a computer, is the best way to go.
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