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  1. Kigazil Reply
    Geosmin, which is created by the dying off of microorganisms in the soil, is the distinctively earthy smell often associated with rain. It tends to smell strongest when it's been raining for a.
  2. Tojajinn Reply
    God may well smell like rain, but a child born three months prematurely lacks sufficiently developed olfactory senses to be able to detect it.
  3. Tozilkree Reply
    Apr 28,  · In listening to Roman read Sorkin’s work, I realized just how many of the things have been parts of 99 PI episodes that I have thoroughly enjoyed and how I must support this work. “Devils Rope” was my gateway into being a devoted listener and “The Smell of Concrete in the Rain” the one that I will remember moving me to tears.
  4. Meztirg Reply
    Jul 27,  · It turns out it's not just gratitude that makes rain smell so appealing after a long period of dry weather. There's actually some chemistry involved too. Bacteria, plants and even lightning can.
  5. Meztizil Reply
    Aug 18,  · Its smell is very similar to chlorine. If the rain is heavy enough, and the wind is blowing, sometimes you can even smell rain coming your way. Have a Author: Brittney Bowman.
  6. Vozahn Reply
    Jul 27,  · The “smell of rain” is scientifically known as “petrichor.” This smell, in laymen terms, is the moistening of the ground. The chemical compounds that make up petrichor are known as actinobacteria.
  7. Dadal Reply
    Jun 22,  · There are several scents associated with rainfall that people find pleasing. One of these odors, called "petrichor," lingers when rain falls after a prolonged dry spell. Petrichor — .
  8. Akigis Reply
    Nov 14,  · When Rainstorms Wet Dry Earth Rainfall is one of nature's most soothing sounds, but it's also behind one of the weather's most pleasing smells. Described as an "earthy" scent, petrichoris the aroma that arises when raindropsfall onto the dry soil. But, contrary to .

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