Laughing - Nina Mukouraij - Tonality EP (CDr)

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    Here’s a little bit of information about the episode: Having worked in kitchens alongside many generations of Azorean Portuguese immigrants, Tony decides it’s time to find out more about their motherland and explore the culture that molded so much of New England’s heritage. He hops from one island to the next while on the archipelago.
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    It was released on CDr and distributed at various underground psychedelic music festivals this summer and more recently also on bandcamp this December. (neon) krishna fm is a brilliant upbeat drum-driven track, with spacey guitar layers and exotic scales, 7 minutes of blissful rhythms introduced by a repeated public service announcement sample.
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    Futuro Antico: Dai Primitivi All' Elettronica - LP (Black Sweat, ) Originally released in , the sound is completly analog and warm, this reissue maintains the first tape artwork + info and photos / An outstanding raga-like drone lp with a distinctive cosmic vibe, Futuro Antico was a short living collaboration between the two italian Walter Maioli (Aktuala), Riccardo Sinigaglia and.
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    This EP began with a newspaper story that tickled the warped funny-bones of Dan Melchior and Graham Lambkin and gave birth to some lyrics. The wonderful keyboard talents of the late Letha Rodman Melchior () were pivotal in the most "musical" of the tracks, the poignant closer "Vaccanti.".
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    Earth Monkey favourite Cousin Silas follows up Ballard Landscapes - continuing with soundscapes inspired by the writing of J G Ballard ‘Listening to Ballard Landscapes while actually reading some dark Ballard sci-fi would be perfect just check out Abandonned Motorway and weep for humanities future’ undomondo Cousin Silas, born and bred in the Colne Valley, a (so I'm told) a beautiful part.
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    FRANK SINATRA - ATLANTIC CITY, NOV 20, September 24, – am. TO DONATE TO BigO, USE SKRILL. As of now, we have stopped all restarts of .

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