Fan Death

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  1. Akikree Reply
    Jan 22,  · Back then, fan death was an obscure curio known only to Westerners who had spent time in South Korea, but today the Internet has spread it worldwide. “Fan death” has its own lengthy Wikipedia entry.
  2. Guzahn Reply
    May 28,  · Some fan death believers say hypothermia isn't the real culprit anyway. One theory holds that the fan creates a "vacuum" around the face, suffocating the victim. Another holds that running a fan or air conditioner in a closed room causes a build-up of carbon dioxide, also suffocating the victim. Both of these explanations smack of pseudoscience.
  3. Tull Reply
    Jul 01,  · Re fan death, my favorite theory is that originally, you weren't supposed to leave a lamp, or mosquito incense, or something, burning in a sealed room, for fear of monoxide/smoke poisoning. This prohibition got transferred to electric lights and electric fans even though they don't have that problem.
  4. Meztile Reply
    The Ludens Fan Prepper is one of the optional Prepper Shelters that can be located in the Eastern Region. This Prepper is not necessary for the main story, but can be convinced to join the UCA if.

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