Expectations - Areyfu - Retrogradus (Cassette)

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  1. Gakora Reply
    The 80s were one of a kind. It was as if the s were asked to depict what they thought the year would look like. Needless to say, they missed the mark, but we got a lot of awfully awesome things in return. The decade that gave birth to Millennials felt like it was in a constant state of identity crisis, and nothing showed that better than the music industry – everything from hair.
  2. Fele Reply
    Apr 11,  · cassette tapes are 1/4"wide and, in reality, each side uses half=1/8" "). now 2" divided by or 1/12". the audio quality of such machines is .
  3. Talkis Reply
    A place to share and discuss Cassette Futurism: media where the technology closely matches the computers and technology of the late 70s and early 80s. Whether it's bright colors and geometric shapes, the tendency towards stark plainness, or the the lack of powerful computers and cell phones, Cassette Futurism includes: Cassettes, ROM chips, CRT.
  4. Babar Reply
    Oct 21,  · The cassette's brutal, sudden demise is real: saw million tapes sold, dropping to million in , , in '07, and a mere 34, in , all of which were probably singles of Missing: Expectations.
  5. Mesho Reply
    CASSETTES. Neill Serman DEFINITION: A flat, light-tight container in which x-ray films are placed for exposure to ionizing radiation and usually backed by lead to eliminate the effects of back scatter radiation. Cassettes are used in association with intensifying screens and have relatedFile Size: 45KB.
  6. Moogulmaran Reply
    May 05,  · Photo: Getty Images. Announced yesterday at the INTERMAG Europe International Magnetics Conference in Dresden, Germany, Sony's new magnetic tape cassette Missing: Expectations.
  7. Meshicage Reply
    Feb 25,  · This cassette, from , is a more expensive high bias chrome (CrO2) Type II. I didn’t rate these as highly as the BASF chromes. Finally, at the bottom, there’s a Sony Metallic 60, also from As is evident in the name, this was a Type IV metal tape. These were much more expensive than the chromes, let alone the normals.
  8. Meztilkis Reply
    in the audio cassette world, all cassettes are the same shape and same size. "type" refers to the chemistry of the tape. knowing the chemistry is important because different type tapes have different effects on sound reproduction. audio tape is not a sterile media. tape imparts it's own signature (distortion to you engineer types) on recorded music. knowing a little about what the different Missing: Expectations · Retrogradus.

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