Ако Ме Оставиш, Скъпа (If You Love Me, Baby) - The Beatles - Битълс (Vinyl, LP)

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9 thoughts on “ Ако Ме Оставиш, Скъпа (If You Love Me, Baby) - The Beatles - Битълс (Vinyl, LP)

  1. Narg Reply
    Oct 23,  · Ludacris и Justin Bieber - Baby Vbox7 изпратено от: proof езици: Английски Ако сте собственик на текста, моля пишете ни на скъпа, сглоби ме. Разклати ме.
  2. Mazuk Reply
    Frank Sinatra - I love you baby F#7 - B7 - E-- F#7 - B7 - E - вступление 1. E You're just too good to be true E I can't keep my eyes off you E7 You feel like heaven to touch A I wanna hold you so much Am At long last love has arrived E And I thank God I'm alive F#7 B7 You're just too good to be true E Can't take my eyes off you 2.
  3. Takinos Reply
    Ако Ме Оставиш, Скъпа (If You Love Me, Baby) A6: Какво Да Кажа (What’d I Say) B1: Сладката Джорджия Браун (Sweet Georgia Brown) B2: Светците (The Saints) B3: Раби, Скъпа (Ruby Baby) B4: Защо (Why) B5: Ничие Дете (Nobody’s Child.
  4. Galabar Reply
    Baby, and drive me crazy I'll give you all of my trust If you don't mess it up You ain't tryna get no other girls When you in the club All you got is eyes for me I'm the only girl you see So if you treat me right just the way that I want you Oh baby boy I promise that I'll be on you Oh oh oh oh oh on you Night to the mo-oh-oh-oh-oh-orning If.
  5. Mern Reply
    Sony And Sher - I got you Baby Сони и Шер - Имам теб скъпи they say were young and we dont know те казват, че ние сме млади и не знаем we wont find out until we grow няма да разберем докато не пораснем well I dont know if all thats true ами незнам дали всичко това е истина cause you got.
  6. Kazrazshura Reply
    When you sing to me Just to think you live inside of me I had no idea how this could be Now I'm crazy for your love Can't believe I'm crazy for your love The words you said you sang to me And you showed me where I wanna be Yeah you sang to me, oh you sang to me All the while you were in front of me I never realized I just can't believe I didn't.
  7. Gardagar Reply
    Oct 23,  · Обичам те, скъпа, И ако нямаш нищо напротив, имам нужда от теб,скъпа за да стоплиш самотните ми нощи. Обичам те скъпа. Вярвай ми когато казвам: О,скъпа моя прекрасна Не ме разочаровай,моля те.
  8. Vudolar Reply
    Kiss - Do You Love Me YouTube Vbox7 изпратено от: mi6ata Допълнителна информация. превод обичаш ли ме) Аз просто знам, ако ти наистина, наистина,наистина, наистина ме обичаш.
  9. Sasar Reply
    Big Mountain - Baby I Love Your Way. Shadows grow so long before my eyes And they're moving across the page Suddenly the day turns into night Far away from the city but don't hesitate 'Cause your love just won't wait hey Ooh baby I love your way every day Wanna tell you I love your way every day Wanna be with you night and day.

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